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Working as a team vol.2

This time was SO MUCH easier to do the research. It's true that we understood all the information as we didn't have to deal with law language but is also about the organisation of the whole group.

Again, I took the role of organiser. I feel comfortable as I think I'm quite organised in order to meet deadlines. We divided the events and put them in chronological order all together and then divided 4 events for each member of the team. While we were doing this, Cara was at home as she wasn't feeling her best, but we solved it by letting Cara know all the decisions we were taking via message and her part of the work.

During the first day, Iona finished her part and the rest of us almost finished it. The second day, we finish the whole presentation: we helped Cara with her events, helped Agatha, completed Paige's as she didn't come that day and made sure that the aesthetic of the presentation was the same all the way through.

The presentation was easier than what we expected so I think it was easy for us to talk about it.

I really liked pointing out the things that each of us did great while working on this project:

Iona: She's amazing. She's super organised, helpful and very intelligent. Her researching skills are great so I was lucky to have her in our working group.

Cara: I feel like she tends to be the glue in each group. Her communication skills are great, very organised and fair with her mates.

Agatha: She is hard worker and very thorough with her research although she's quite shy but in the group we were a couple of us that don't mind taking the load of the presentation as she was super helpful while researching and creating the presentation.

Paige: The first day she did research and almost completed her part but the second day, while we were checking the information, we noticed that it wasn't very relevant so we decided to change it. Of her I want to highlight how strong she was to come to the presentation day as she was dealing with mental health and I know how hard that can be so, well done, Paige!

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