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Time-lapse Spread 6.

Here you will be able to see, step by step, the creation of the final rendered illustration for the second spread of my children's book 7/7.

(0.03s) After this, I used the gausian blur to blur the edges and make it look like it is light coming through thte window.

(0.04s) Here is, by using the same technique as the previous illustration, I started coming up with the main shapes for the girl. This time, I actually was doing this illustration as a final piece and not a sketch that it eventually became the final piece so I kept a more accurate tract of colours used and brushes and they will be listed on the following page. This time, in sptead of coming up with a whole frament of colour with an added texture, I created a clipping mask on top of the areas that I was working on and added the texture on top and used multiply blending mode and adjusted the opacity as needed. I did this for the helmet and the dress as well.

(0.20s) I really wanted the plume to be quite notisable as it is how the illustration shows the braveness of the girl so I used a brish called Feuilles2 1 from a downloaded pack of brushes. This brush changes the tonality slightly depending on the preasure that you put on it.

(0.24s) Here is where I added the nose, eyes and cheeksto the girl. I used a pastel pink and added a very sutile testure with a pencil brush. I also gave her a very angry expresion as she’s fisghting agains an “enemy”.

I also added a sword and placed it on a possition that would make sense and would add a strong viasual narrative. I added her les and shoes with are made by slim rectangles and triangles.

(0.29s) In order to draw the snake, I just got an ink brush and drwe a very simple snake shape as I wanted it to be a second item of the narrative but to also have a strong weight on the illustration.

(0.33s) Now was time to draw the coach where she is playing. I wanted it to be very minimal but recognisable, so I made sure that I included enough texture, lights and shadows to get the idea of it beigh a sofa across without over doing it.

(0.42s) At this point, the overall illustration was layed out and I just needed to start adding lights and shados to male it look like a 3D collage.

(0.48s) At this point, I decided that making a whole familly of rabbits and to have them so expresive might add a lot of weight to the illustration on right page, so I reduced the number of rabbits to one and I made him look like a stuff toy rather than an actual rabbit. He is inspired on Peter Rabbit so I gave him a velvet jacket using a blue velvet texture and them adding the different shadows and lights. Once I had all the basic shapes, I added the shadows to make it look like a collage and added the light comming from the Whisp.

(1.07m) I needed a portrait of the parents with blurred faces to represent that they are no-longer the people who are on that portrait, so I tood a potrati of me and my partner, edited it and got rid of our features with the clone tool).

Then, I sourced an image of a picture fram from Unsplash by Gaspar Uhas. I got rid on the content of the frame and the backgrounf and I put the portrait in the frame. I thought that having it tilted was a nice way showing that things were falling apart. I added the different lights and shadows to finish up.

(1.23m) Here I started to add the lights to the sword using the same light brush as I had been using for the rest of the element in the illustration. Howver, these illusminations will be changed later on as I had to include another character in the illustration.

(1.30m) At this point I thought I was done with the image but it felt disconnected to the other spread so I compared them to see how they were different. I was missing a separation from fore and background which was quite important for the other illustration and some enviromental noise.

(1.32m) I decided to create this foreground by following the theme of the plants and I decided to show how the Tradescantia is growing and how the “love” of the man is growing expressing the relationship is getting more and more abusive.

(1.45m) I ended up creating a texture with 4 tones that are common on Tradescantia plants and used the liquify tool to give it trippy textures and I just cutted out the different shapes of the leaves and pasted them so they remainded to the plant.

I framed the illustration on bothsides.

(2.00m) I added some overall texture that is not quite notisable but added interest to the illustration as a whole thing.

(2.02m) When I thought I finshed the illustration I realised that I had left out the Whisp and she is really important as she is what makes the girl both feel brave and want to take care of others. So, I took and draw the light of the Whisp with the light brush creating light waves and I finally drwe the little Whisp with a more detailed brush.

(2.03m) I finally added some “light bokeh” details and adjusted the lights and shadows on the sword.

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