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Time-lapse Spread 13

Here you will be able to see, step by step, the creation of the final rendered illustration for the second spread of my children's book 7/7.

(0.24s) I started by translating the first sketch into the new concept and composition.

(0.37s) Then I started creating the dress of the girl by importing a texture panel in red colour and “cutting” the different shapes.

(0.40s) Once I was happy with the placement, I started adding shadows to the dress and a drop shadow to make it look more 3D and to make it look like it was glue to the background.

(0.43s) I repeated this for the skin and the hair of the girl and other elements such as the nose, blush and a detail on the fingers.

For the Beast, I added a flat layer of blue an added the texture with a brush on top. The procedure was the sames as previous.

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