Post-Uni questions

Actualizado: 26 de may de 2020

  • How do I stay alive, thrive and work?

  • How do I choose a path and stick to it?

  • Is it ok not to know what I want to do?

  • What can I expect?

  • Is it hard?


Not looking to the very top of the mountain as a goal but to focus on achieving and arriving to the camps in the way to have some rest is the actual goal. For me, it is important to look from time to time to the very top to keep the ambition (in a possitive way) and but focused on the small goals in orther not to become overwhelm. So by now, my main goal is to get my uni degree and then, have a little break from everything related to constantly create by an external entity who demands. After this, I'm going to move to Inverness and take landscape pictures during my walks and hikes and reconect with myself in a zen and meditative way.


To be honest, these two years have been quite stressfull and me building my relationship with my classmates hasn't been my principal goal, and I kind of regret that I haven't be closer to them but it's also my personallity and I've felt quite vulnerable. However, I know I'll be there for them if they need me and will keep the communication as much as my facebook/instagram/chatting skills allow me to. The news is that I have now 3 artistic nucleus: my photographic squad in Spain (from which I have a comrade here in Bristol and I feel so gratefull for), my uni classmates (who will live all over the UK and Portugal and finally my friends in Bristol that are into art.

Which is my goal?

Lately I've realised that I'm in a non-stop-changing time in my life. I'm realising that I'm not a photographer but a multi-disciplinar artist as I like to use collage (which for me is more related to design and fine art than to photography), video, performance, linoprinting, design, etc. So by now I just want to see what life brings for me. I will continue to develop my own proyects for a couple of years, in which I'll take care of my emotionally self. I'll try to see which opportunities come up in the photographic world (I'd love to work as a technitian, portrait photographer for a studio, making editorial photos for small shops...) the ideal job would be to work for an agency and not be freelance but well... we know that that's quite a challenge now a days and almost impossible. However, I am definetly not ready to study an MA as I'm quite tired of studying full-time.

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