Kellie O’brien

Despite I assisted to the actual speech, having the online speaker lecture online is an amazing as I can go through all the information again.

She started to get involved in the punk scene and activism shortly after she left school. She then started to study film and media which opened the window to the world of arts and photography (to which she would fall in love with). She reconnected with her roots by taking pictures of the working midlands working class and migrants. She was influenced by the realist of the mid XIX century where the representation of the every day work and subjects here the main element and linked with the capitalism and how it affected to the working class now-a-days.

Then she started to get involved in photography activism and photographing the migrant situation. She started to work with charities who helped the migrants that came from norther Africa to the Sicily. She always feels that her activism, the humanitarian action was more important and she didn’t produced much photographic work as the idea of changing the world and the world injustice with a camera ended up making her feel uncomfortable portraying people in misery. She started to reading books about the working class. She asked her self who was she producing the images for. Was it for herself or for the people that she talking to? She found that she was dealing with a White-Soviour and that was something that she never wanted to do.

Once she realised about it, she turned the interest of her creation to herself, to her mother’s house. She created a project about her missing father, her immigrant family, their Irish culture, their religiousness, class identity, gender, etc. So in my opinion she went back to her very first attempt of showing her roots but this time was in a more emotional way.

Again, she showed me that as photographer we always have our phases and we have to accept them all and flow with them and auto-analyse ourself and ask ourself why are we doing what we are doing or what do we want to do and why we are changing. I think that art is a way of letting everything that we feel be channelised from the very deep of ourself to the outside.

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