How to show your work?

Actualizado: 26 de may de 2020

It is clear that there are several ways of promoting yourself, each of them depending on the type of art you produce or the your available finance.

Personally, I think that improving my editing skills and using the zines, magazines and books is a good starting point for me to be able to show my work. Another aspect of this that calls my attention is that in the underground culture, the showing of work via zine is very popular as they are cheap, easy to produce and they can have a really good quality as well as a strong and interesting message in it.

So far, for my last project, I made a zine collaborating with Jack McKay, as a writer, and Amber Brookes, as a graphic designer. The out coming zine had an excellent quality of material and content and the cost of production was just £5 so it could be sold by £10. Obviously, as more zines you print the cost per zine is less so they could be send cheaper and in that way be more available for the people to get them.

My art is not for elites, is for everyone to enjoy it.

However, the goal is to be able to show my work of galleries or any space where people can go enjoy and visit it.

Once known this, I will go through each chart and write about my work on the different sections.


I find that Instagram is a good way of showing your work although I think that is a better tool for meeting and get in touch with new and more people. I think that I need to improve the amount of content that I upload. But here I find a discussion: I do not want to upload tones of pictures as I’m making in the feed as later on I will have to delete things and that means more work and people will stop seeing pictures without any reason, etc. That is why I find that uploading pictures of the process on the stories is an easer way of showing that you are creating content and then keep them on the highlighted stories so people can see them again and you keep a clean feed.


I think that websites are the best platform for photographer to show their work. That’s why I try to keep my website as updated as I can (in fact my website is more updated than my Instagram). Is personally the site that I trust the most about artists as you are sure that what you are seeing is their work and it is normally all explained. I think that, as much as you can, your website should be as unique as possible and having a graphic designer. It is good to keep your website trendy but I think that having a website exactly the same as another 1000 photographers just because is fashionable is just going to make you fall into the bucket of “I’ve already seen this. NEXT”.


During these last months I was published in a magazine. The experience was not the best: I had to send all the information twice as they “missed” the first documents that I sent although I could see that they downloaded the documents on We Transfer and they did not linked my instagram and my website to the site where my project was published and after asking for it, I was ignored. So well, there is that. But I am still positive and I will keep trying to be published on independent magazines and submit my projects to contests.

Printed portfolio.

In order to create a portfolio I guess that you will need to focus on what you want to show. For example, if I want to introduce myself as Maracullara, who creates the type of art that I create, I will just put the very best pictures of my projects and played out in a narrative way in order to show them how I produce art. On the other hand, If I was applying for a studio or a more practical job, I will introduce two or three projects that show who I am but I will also show portraits, still life, fashion and narrative skills. In that way I am showing them that I know how to produce quality pictures and that I have a unique vision. When showing my printed portfolio, I will invest a good amount of money in creating at least three of them and make them as a unique piece. Rich and high quality paper for the prints, a nice texture for the covers and a slightly small format but big enough for not forcing the eyes in order to see the pictures in a comfortable way. The small format is because is easer and nicer to have in between your hands, as well as having a different and nice texture.

Group Exhibition.

I think is a good idea in order to self publish, although is not a priority on my strategies. However is something that I will always have in mind.

Which is going to be my strategy?

I personally think that, in my personal case, as I am going to be moving to a new place is going to be a new start over, althougheverything that I have done here will also be useful.

However, I want to be more constant on Instagram. I will reorganize everything, delete some posts, use more the stories in order to share others work, etc. I will also try to be updated with the posts of my current work.

The website is a must. To keep it updated, to have all the projects and pictures organized and clear,etc. Keep it as I will want to find the website of an artist when I want to do some research.

The next step is to design my buissness cards. Now there is no point on printing them when I'm going to move to a new place where I don't know which is the main type of photography industry. I'm going to wait until I see the type of industry that is more common over there.

Also once I move there, I will start to collaborate with different artists in Inverness and start making new contacts and little by little try to find small places to try to make some exivitions and places where to sell the zines.

I also want to start moving Irene's project in Spain as there are several posibilities for me to show it in different galleries, but in order to do that I'll have to spend months over there and right now I can't afford it.

Another thing that I want to start doing is a morning pages notebook. It is a concept invented my Julia Margaret Cameron. It consists of every morning writting how did you feel during the day before, your art interests, what have you done, what ideas have you got in order to keep creating, etc. I want to do this as a way of keep pushing my creative self as I'm going to loose the uni artistic network.

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