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Graphic Design Timeline

Actualizado: 20 nov 2021

This is the timeline that my group and me created for the second group project.

In the first slight we start with the first way of representation by the prehistoric humans, we visit the Gutenberg Press, the Statute of Anne which was the first form of copyright in the UK and it finishes with the Industrial Revolution and the change in culture and economy that brought with it.

In the second slide we can see events related to techniques or machines such as the lithography, the Billboards created by Jared Bell, the photography and the arts and craft movement as a reaction to the mass production leaded by the Industrial Revolution.ç

The third slide has the permeative techniques that are used now a days. On Thomas J. Barrett adds, some techniques used for modern advertisement were already being used. The Bauhaus embraced the massive production of the Industrial Revolution the same way some people/artists are embracing the massive business to work with them. The same happens with the possibility of create art on a computer and the creation of the first DSLR camera.

This last slide represent the events that have happened since 2000. The technological changes have been astonishing and they are still changing and evolving to a level that we can not imagine.

What will happen with Meta in the near future we cannot certainly know. Probably they will be very cool and trendy things but from a non-capitalist point of view I would say that things will get even worse as you can see that the only thought in their mind is money.

Little bonus if you arrived here. This is what I really think about how fast is technology evolving and how it interacts with globalisations and capitalism:

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