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These are just plans, then life will let me know if new plans comes up and if they are possible to develop or not.

Starting to show my project "Irene" in galleries in Spain.

My last year's final project was about a very popular topic among the left wing political believes in Spain. The civil war definatly is something that created back in the days two Spains and therefore two different groups. These has stayed the same until now-a-days. One of my autns in Spain is very close with the CNT an anarchist political union to whom I contacted in order to do some research. When she saw it she strongly suggested me to get in contact with them again though her an arrange an exhibition in Spain and create a whole event with people giving speaches, debates, etc. This sounds as a great idea, but in order to do so I'll have to go back to Spain, which, by now, is not in my plans. However, let's think about the possibility of doing it.

I'll have to go back, maybe just for a month and then try to sort things via email or any online medium. The best option is to stay in Spain until everything is fixed.

I will perfectionate everything that I'm not happy with and I will contact Estela, a curator that is friends with my mom and that has always helped me in creating my books, portfolios, etc. With her help I'll fix those details and start designing a book. Once the project has been modified, I'll get in contact with the CNT via my aunt as she can put me in good word and can let me speak with the correct people. The ideal place for this to be show is an historic place during that period in the different cities (this can be a challenge because first of all I'll be going with the anarchist union and secondly, most of councils in Spain are right wind). The first places that come to my mind are The Conde Duque base, The Chamberí metro station, the city of Brunete, Asociación Giner de los Ríos and the History Museum of Madrid. Most of them are public places as I want the exhibition to be for free as my art is for the people and it's more important the messege to be communicated than the profit. The fact that they are public buildings with complicate things as at the moment we have a right wing government in Madrid. So probably the most efficient way of showing the project in a free place will be to speak with different anarchist collectives in Madrid and find a sociocultural center.

For the exhibition I'll like to have a physical copy of the book, leaflets, and different showcases where to keep the pictures to make it accurate to how archive photos will be shown. It'll also be good to show it within a cultural days, speaches, more artists showing their work, having debates, cooking and sharing food, concets, etc. So I will also get in touch with different artists whose work share the topic with mine. In this way, we will be able to create a week for people to learn more about this time of history, see emergin artists work and enjoy themselves in a save space.

However, all this is quite difficult to set as everything is stopped.

Working partime on anyother job and set up an studio or rent it.

After a brief reasearch, there aren't studios to rent in the highlands. However, I'll have to do a deeper research and ask to different people in order to find it out.

When I think about moving to Inverness, I always think that I'm not moving on my own and the house space is going to be shared with someone that is not a photographer and how is also going to be a student. The idea of renting or building a studio at my place if it was possible has soon come to my mind.

I did a research in roder to find the different alternatives of renting an studio. The one that I liked the most was a Charity that rents spaces in a building that they are currently fixing in order to let more people rent studios. In order to apply for a studio you have to send them a presentation letter, your CV, and some photos of you last projects and on average, the rent of the studios are £150, which is way less than what I expected but obviously depends on the space that you rent. In order to have the chance of having a photography studio I'll need lots of space. That's why I've thought about sharing the studio with another photographer (and in that way buy in between both of us the equipment for the studio) or a graphic designer and both get advantage of sharing the studio as we will be able to collaborate. So let's say that this works, the rent of the place will be £75 per month for a spacce where we'll be able to create art and nurish from different artists and keep that enviroment that we have at uni.

If I share it with another photographer we will obviously have to set a time table for us to get organised: If there are any photoshoot that any of us needs to do in the studio, if we need the studio for just the model and the photographer, if on the other hand it will be useful to have the other one in the studio as an assistant, etc, keeping in mind that the studio is a space of BOTH of us to create as we cannot do it at home. With this idea, I will also be trying to work as a wedding photographer for the Highlands' weddings. I'm not really into wedding photography but these ones are special as they show their traditions so it could be quite simillar to a documentary project which will allow me to also take pictures for myself if they were happy about it. For these kind of pictures they will obviously be needed to go to the place where the wedding is going to take place, but the chance of taking pictures in a studio will also be there. If I was sharing the studio with another photographer and they are happy to do so, having an assistant (and obviouly pay them for it) it'll be amazing. On the other hand, if they are a graphic designer, there could be an option for the couple to get an edited wedding album.

Mom, I want to be a photojournalist!

This is something that has been on my plans of working as a photographer since I ever started studing it. In order to achieve this, I focused to get photojournalist skill such as how to measure as fast as possible, how to build compossitions that would look appealing fast, how to be careful of details ans how to be a step forward when I was able to do so.

When I had the chance, I worked as an photojournalist assistant in 2018. We were travelling all day long on the car and taking pictures. He gave me tips and evaluated my pictures and told me how to improved them. I ended up with several publications on the phisical newspaper figned under my name and a couple more on the online version of the newspaper. Once I finished my work practices there, I asked Ricardo, my tutor, for his oppinion of how did I do it. He told me that I'm a quicklearner and that I'm very enthusiastic so I had everything that I needed to be a good photojournalist but a driving licence and a car. So this is the next step, wheather if I'm in Spain or in Scotland, I'm going to start studying for the driving test. My partner will also have his driving licence too so we could buy a car and share it. Once this is done, if I'm in Spain, I know that I just need to become a freelance photographer and they will let me start working for them and if I do it right, that'll be my job until I'm happy to leave. On the other hand, If I'm staying in the UK, I'll have to fin the opportunity buy going to different events and trying to sell the pictures to different newspapers and leaving my CV, etc.

So, if I think about this in time, it might take me about a year to get my driving licence (maybe less but in average) and for these type of jobs the normally ask you to have at leat 2 years of driving licence. This is why being a photojournast is not my plan for just after uni. Although I'm keen into apply for local magazines in order to do photoshoots to different local stores in order to promote the small business shopping. This is also a reason why I'd like to have the lighting studio. All these plans are not unique and fixed plans, they all flow together and they will fix in different times during my life.

Now after all these have been written down. What do I want to do?

I want to rest of having to take photos as an obligation for at least a couple of months. Cool I'll be behind my classmates but I refuse to hate photography and to feel it like a heavy bagpack. It will obviouly fill like so once I start to work as a photographer for someone but now that I have the chance, I want to rest and get new energies to start kicking again. This doesn't mean that I'm going to stop taking pictures. This means that I'm going to take pictures of mountains, nature, fashion if I feel like so. I'll do small photoshoots related to makeup, etc. Small projects that might take me a month to plan, set, shoot, edit and have it done. These will help me to create and update my comercial portfolio.

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